Saturday, August 16, 2008

The first of many

So, i have finally given in to the blog community, not that i have had any pressure though. I enjoy reading other peoples blogs and thought perhaps i might sort some things out in my head if i wrote them down. We've had a rough week this week with a funeral of a 15yr old and an assortment of other insignificant things going wrong. They all compound with lack of sleep and short tempers to make our household not as pleasant as it usually is. This week i have spent a lot of time on facebook and noticing that everyone else in the world seems to be happy and having a party, is it just me who stays at home all day cleaning bums and clothes. This week i feel as though the world is going on around and i am just at home making sure we are all fed and cleaned. I realise that this is an important job, and that raising my children is the most important job anyone can have but sometimes i feel perhaps that the world wont really miss us if we disappeared for a while. I am torn between "who cares if spend the whole day in an apron, looking like i'm from the 1950's" because it saves me from washing my clothes all the time and "i want a pretty dress and an occasion to go out too". I suppose it is all part of the challenges that i face being a mother and sacrifices that are made for the benefit of our children. So my outlook this week is changing, chin up, stop whinging about what i could be doing and start concentrating on what i am and should be doing! God has put me in this position for a reason and who am i to argue that i should be socialising and having a good time if it is His will for me to be the most important person in 3 peoples lives.

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