Thursday, September 8, 2011

The show

Josiah's letter to Grandpa

On the Tea cups

Josiah on the very steep Titanic Bouncy castle slide

The fairies

On Monday this week I took the kids to the Royal Adelaide Show. I really was really uncertain if i could manage all three of them by myself in such a busy place as the show but we had a really lovely day. I had organised to meet my brother there and for him to help me out but we only ended up spending about an hour or two with him. The children were very well behaved and the day went smoothly. We watched the Fairies, which was a highlight for Anna and Josiah really enjoyed the Zimbabwe brothers. We arrived about 9.15am and left at 7pm! It was a very long day and Anna was the first to complain of sore feet about 6pm. We did the yellow brick road and it was really good, i had never done it before. The kids really enjoyed collecting samples from all the different places. We saw some of the animals and watched the cows being milked. The kids enjoyed all the sights and most of the smells. They bought a showbag each and went on a couple of rides. The show offers lots for the homeschooler as there is so much to see, do and learn. I asked Josiah to write a letter to his grandpa telling him about the show which encourages recall as well as his writing skills. I helped with the big words but was impressed that he could work out most words himself. We are going to post it to him today along with copies of the photos.

I was really proud and suprised that the day went off without any difficulty or stress, it was a really enjoyable day out. The kids are already looking forward to next years show.

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tourist in my town. said...

looks like a really fun day;) so glad you could manage them all without any's always nice to see photos of what you guys get up to:)